Due to COVID-19 and ongoing restrictions, the North East Business Awards will be delivered as one big event in September instead of the usual format of sub-regional heats followed by a Grand Final.


The only category where there will still be sub-regional winners is Company of the Year.  We will be shortlisting three finalists for each of the following awards:

  • Northumberland & Tyneside’s Company of the Year
  • Durham, Sunderland & South Tyneside’s Company of the Year
  • Teesside’s Company of the Year


The winners of these will be announced throughout the night on 23 September, along with all the other categories, and at the end of the evening we will announce the overall North East Company of the Year, chosen from the three sub-regional title winners.


If you are entering the Company of the Year category, your postcode will determine which heat you are entered into.  The list of postcodes below shows you which postcodes are in which sub-region:


Northumberland & Tyneside

NE1, NE10, NE11, NE12, NE13, NE15, NE16, NE17, NE18, NE19, NE2, NE20, NE21, NE22, NE23, NE24, NE25, NE26, NE27, NE28, NE29, NE3, NE30, NE39, NE4, NE40, NE41, NE42, NE43, NE44, NE45, NE46, NE47, NE48, NE49, NE5, NE6, NE61, NE62, NE63, NE64, NE65, NE66, NE67, NE68, NE69, NE7, NE70, NE71, NE8, NE9, NE98, NE99, TD15


Durham, Sunderland & South Tyneside

DH1, DH2, DH3, DH4, DH5, DH6, DH7, DH8, DH9, DH97, DL12, DL13, DL14, DL15, DL16, DL17, DL4, DL5, NE31, NE32, NE33, NE34, NE35, NE36, NE37, NE38, SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6, SR7, SR8, TS21, TS28, TS29



DL1, DL10, DL11, DL2, DL3, DL6, DL7, DL8, DL9, TS1, TS10, TS11, TS12, TS13, TS14, TS15, TS16, TS17, TS18, TS19, TS2, TS20, TS22, TS23, TS24, TS25, TS26, TS27, TS3, TS4, TS5, TS6, TS7, TS8, TS9, Y07

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